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By browsing brassardburo.com, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this contract, and this, as long as you are on brassardburo.com. You acknowledge having read and understood these conditions. If you do not want to be bound by these Terms of Use, you can not use brassardburo.com and order products through brassardburo.com.

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THIS CONTRACT, DO NOT BROWSE brassardburo.com. The terms and the contract may change at any time and will take effect automatically.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

These special conditions apply to brassardburo.com ("the website")


All contents (text, graphics and images) reproduced on the site are protected by copyright and the right of intellectual property and for the world.

Unless specified in one or the other sections of this site, no element of this site may be copied, produced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, posted or transmitted in any way whatsoever, without the prior written permission of the Direction of Brassard Buro inc. You are permitted to view or download material from this site, but only for non-commercial purposes and if you do not modify these elements and that you retain all intellectual property notices they contain. Any unauthorized use of such content could subject you to civil prosecution and / or criminal prosecution.

Limitation of responsibility

Brassardburo.com and the elements it contains are provided as they are, without warranty, implicit or explicit. Subject to any public legislation to the contrary, Brassard Buro inc. disclaims all responsibility and provides no guarantee, including any warranties of merchantability or convenience for a particular purpose. Brassard Buro inc. does not guarantee the availability of merchandises, on delivery, the failure of products and does not engage to refund the purchase of products or replace the purchased products on Brassardburo.com. Moreover, Brassardburo.com makes no representation regarding the use, the download, the validity, the accuracy and the reliability of the elements reproduced on Brassardburo.com or the results from the use of such elements. Even if Brassard Buro inc. does everything possible to ensure that brassardburo.com contain no errors, Brassard Buro inc. declines any responsibility for any error that may be found on brassardburo.com. Its related companies, its officers, employees, representatives or agents shall in no event be liable for any damages directly or indirectly related to the use of brassardburo.com, including loss of data or profits arising out of the use of brassardburo.com elements or inability to use these elements.

In the event that the responsibility of brassardburo.com to you could be retained, it will be limited to an amount of money equivalent to the price you paid for the products returned. Notwithstanding the above, nothing in this article shall have the effect of limiting any right you may have as a consumer under either of public order laws that may be applicable in your case.

Major force

Brassard Buro inc. will not be liable for breach, in whole or in part, of any one of its obligations to you, nor for damage or loss you may suffer, if the failure, damages or losses resulting from force majeure or circumstance beyond its control.



Order Acceptance

The receipt by email of the confirmation of an order does not automatically mean that brassardburo.com accepts this order and can not confirm that brassardburo.com agrees to sell and deliver the products mentioned.

Brassardburo.com reserves the right, without further notice, to refuse to do business with a customer and / or set a quantity limit for any item of an order. At any time, it may be necessary for brassardburo.com to verify personal information or credit card before accepting any order.

Legal guarantees

The Civil Code of Québec and the Consumer Protection Act provide legal guarantees related to hidden defects as well as the use of goods sold. These legal guarantees also apply to this sale.

Out of stock product

A product out of stock is a product that fails to fully execute a command. It is possible that the product is in order, missing, recalled by the manufacturer or discontinued (if this is the case, you will be notified later).

Brassardburo.com displays all the products of his collection that can be ordered. Please note that these do not necessarily part of our warehouse stocks. In the event brassardburo.com must wait that one or more items out of stock becomes available, your order may be held before being shipped.

Brassardburo.com in no way guarantee the availability of products offered on the website. At any time before the receipt by the website of the product out of stock, you can proceed to cancel your order by contacting the customer service of the website. Please note that orders of product out of stock placed with suppliers exceeding 90 days will be automatically canceled without prior notice.

Brassardburo.com will in no time be liable for any damage you may suffer due to insufficient inventory.

Products description

Brassardburo.com done everything in their power to ensure the greatest accuracy on the website. However, brassardburo.com does not warrant that product descriptions or other content of the website brassardburo.com is accurate, complete, reliable, up to date, or error-free. If a product offered by brassardburo.com does not conform to its description, your only resort is to return it in its original state.


The prices of our products are in Canadian dollars and applicable taxes are added. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in Canadian dollars. Brassardburo.com reserves the right to change prices at any time. Products are always billed based on rates in effect at the time of registration of the order.


Brassardburo.com calculate taxes based on the address where the order will be shipped. An order shipped to the United States is therefore free of taxes. For an order to be delivered in Canada, the taxes depend upon the province ; for example for Quebec, the added taxes are QST (Québec sales tax) and GST (goods and services tax)


The payment of your purchases is made by credit card : credit or electronic transfert or by check. The proposed fees must be paid according to the payment procedure described in the registration process. Customer agrees to pay the total cost and expenses related to the purchased product, y compris les taxes. brassardburo.com can change the price after notifying the client. The customer is the only responsible for the payment of the purchased product. Only the user is responsible for credit card payment of the proposed service. brassardburo.com is not liable for payment problems related to the operation of eCommerce service.

Risk of loss

All purchases made on brassardburo.com is made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and property rights relating to the merchandise will be transferred to you when we will deliver the merchandise to the carrier.

Costs and delivery times

Shipping fees are based on the recipient's postal code, the exact weight of the delivery and the chosen type of delivery. They will be shown in your order summary before final confirmation.

Delays and shipping costs depend on the destination:





10 days



21 days


Additional time must be provided if a product is missing from the supplier or if it is out of stock. In the event that we have to wait for an out of stock item to be available, it is possible that your order may be held for several days before being shipped.

Conditions to qualify for free shipping

In order to take advantage of free shipping, your order must amount to an amount of $ 35, excluding taxes, handling and shipping.

Delivery outside of Canada

For any product delivered outside Canada, you are responsible for all costs of customs and other costs related to exporting outside Canada.


Please contact our customer service departement at 1-888-599-5500 to obtain a return authorization. Please have your invoice on hand, you will need it. Items to be returned must be in their original condition. Our delivery service will collect your item and a credit will be issed to your account.


At the reception of returned products, any amount debited from your credit card to brassardburo.com with regard to these products, except delivery charges, will be credited as soon as possible, provided that the products being returned are returned by you and received by brassardburo.com in the same condition in which they were when they were delivered to you.

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